Virtual Role Offerings

Wings2i Virtual Role Offerings

Wings2i offers remote advisory services in focused domains to native and global companies. We’ve proven expertise in areas like Information Security, Data Privacy, HIPAA, SOC, ISO and other certfication requirements to name a few. We are trying to exapnd our knowldge sharing to whoever in need where our physical location doesn’t matter.

If you are looking for a virtual partner or an advisory service, we are your trusted virtual partner acting like your in-house competency.

Our Virtual Role Offerings

Virtual CISO
Wings2i will act as your in-house CISO, completely remote.

Virtual DPO
Wings2i will act as your in-house DPO, completely remote.

Virtual Auditor
Wings2i will act as your in-house Auditor, completely remote.

Who needs our services ?

Remote-first and remote-friendly companies looking for a knowldge partner in Information Security, Data Privacy & GDPR, ISO certfication etc.

Companies looking for virtual or remote competencies in the areas of Data Privacy, Information Security, SOC etc.

Remote-only compaines looking for Virtual CISO, Virtual DPO etc.

and whoever in need looking for a remote partrner in our focused domains

About Wings2i

Wings2i is an established knowledge services organisation, focusing on knowledge-oriented, value-driven Services and Solutions in areas like Service Management, governance, Information Security, risk management, compliance, certifications, quality/process management and business processes. At Wings2i, we aim at enabling business excellence and innovations in global organisations, through value and outcome-driven solutions, services, knowledge, expertise; acting as a preferred and trusted knowledge partner. We are proud to be associated with a number of established global players as well as emerging organisations in their endeavours to achieve highest levels of excellence in Services, Business Processes, Information Security, Risk management, Compliance, Quality, Process automation solutions and so on.


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