Security Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment

Whether it’s your computer network, end point devices or web applications – maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of the service is very important. Failure to do so can result in reducing the productivity and also in business loss. It is always important to identify these risks as soon as possible for ensuring smooth running of the business all the time.

The vulnerability assessment service provided by Wings2i can help you identify the existing security issues in your organization. Be it your wireless network, wired network, or web applications, we have customized assessment solutions for you. At Wings2i , we follow international standards as well as our own customized methodologies for maintaining the quality of the services.

Wings2i have the necessary knowledge and skills set related to HIPAA security to assess your organization’s risk and to provide guidance to your organization for achieving HIPAA compliance.

Post completion of the assessment, Wings2i provides with detailed analysis reports, which will present the existing security threats and measures to mitigate the same.

Penetration Testing

While the vulnerability assessment services can bring you a detailed analysis of threats faced by your systems, there might be some threats, which can be used(exploited) by an attacker to actually cause huge damage to your system. In order to identify such security threats, systems or applications has to be tested from an attacker’s point of view.

The penetration testing service provided by Wings2i does exactly the same. An attack scenario is simulated, and a set of real-world attacks are launched against the vulnerable systems in a controlled environment to analyse the systems. Our penetration testing services will go beyond identifying and reporting the vulnerabilities. We check for all kinds of threats and gaps ranging from low to critical threats in your systems and simulates the attacks as an attacker do, to find out the risks involved. After completion of penetration test you will be provided with a detailed report consisting of threats and associated mitigation measures. We follow globally recognized standards and methodologies to ensure no entry points are left for an attacker to get in to your systems

Web Application Penetration Testing

Research shows that, most of the recent data breaches and attacks are caused by insecure web applications, hence, the need for Web Application Penetration Testing. Since more application are getting web enabled the risks involved in this zone are comparatively high. Developers are more concerned about the delivery of the applications and organizations are looking at the overall functionality and user experience. Security in web applications is optional in many organizations and they don’t follow security best practices during their SDLC.

Wings2i Web application penetration testing service is truly filling this gap. We test your web applications to ensure they are secured from all known web related vulnerabilities. We have our in house brewed methodologies, comprising custom scripts and checklists to test your web applications. After the completion of web application penetration testing you will be provided with a detailed report consisting risks involved in your business through insecure web applications.

Securing your most valuable business assets with smaller costs.