Security Behaviour

Organizations have to rely upon the sensible behavior of their staff every day and in every operational task that their staff perform. No matter how good an organization’s security policies are, security documentation simply cannot spell out unambiguously how staff should act in each situation they might encounter.

Security research reports suggests that as many as 80% of major security failures or incidents could be the result not of poor security solutions but of poor security behavior by employees.

Many organizations does focus on providing awareness to their employees, but, fails to change or influence their security behavior.

Hence, a well-focused security awareness program targeted at improving user security behavior could significantly reduce the size of the security related overhead.


Wings2i helps you in

  • Assessing the employees behavior traits with regards to Information Security
  • Identifying and defining the areas of improvements
  • Build a strategy for awareness and behavior management
  • Preparing and delivering customized awareness programs
  • Measuring the effectiveness - Using HIMIS methodology (from ISQ World )