Managed Services

A certified management system against global standards is a key business imperative these days. Many organizations have already achieved, or are in the process of aiming at, international and regional standard certifications. Adoption of a standard and achieving certification brings in a rigorous management framework into the organization which delivers immense business benefits. Often, organizations are also faced with significant challenge in managing such a framework in-house.

Are you among those certified organizations finding it difficult to keep up the controls and practices required for the effective maintenance and continual improvement of the management systems?

The typical reasons and challenges could be:

  • Lack of qualified resources who can understand and manage the requirements of the standards and the management system OR
  • Inadequate business justification for investment in required people, tools, skills/capabilities etc OR
  • Difficulty in expanding the scope of management system due to the lack of skills, resources and time OR
  • You would want someone to manage and maintain the ISMS in your organization, so that, you can concentrate on your business core competencies OR
  • risk of governance often getting mixed with management/practice

Wings2i has identified these challenge early and developed customizable service offerings that effectively address the above concerns for our clients.

How it works

Wings2i does an initial high level gap assessment and mutually agree on the level and scope of services and deliverables required for your organization.

Wings2i will allocate the skilled resource(s) to manage the agreed deliverables. Therefore, by becoming virtual/extended team of your organization, by and large, Wings2i would own and act as the virtual Owner of the management system deliverables on behalf of your organization.

This means that we would largely be responsible for key management system deliverables such as:

  • Review and maintenance of the required documents
  • Periodic assessment and planning activities such as:
    • Conducting Risk Assessments and formulating Risk treatment plans
    • Periodic management system planning
  • Guiding and assisting in implementing required controls
  • Assistance in measuring the effectiveness of the controls
  • periodic internal audits
  • Periodic testing and evaluations
  • Awareness Creation and training sessions
  • Liaising with certification authorities
  • Facilitation and assistance of external audits

The managed service model of Wings2i provides the option to:

  • A customizable, scalable and flexible Service model for Small, Medium and Large Organizations
  • Pay for your management system Deliverables and Outcomes – NOT for resources/effort/tools
  • Value-driven service model


Scalable, flexible model in terms of:


  • Combination of Dedicated onsite, Onsite-offsite,On demand Back-end support modes
  • Quicker scalability
  • Optimization


  • Comprehensive skill availability for all in-scope deliverables
  • Multiple skills made available at a fraction of insourcing cost
  • Availability of On-demand skills if needed above the in-scope areas
  • Industry benchmarking, best practices, experience


  • Many of the necessary tools included as a part of service
  • Cost optimization on tools and technology through expertise and experience of our consultants


Managed Services Deliverables