About Us


Wings2i is an established knowledge services organization, focusing on knowledge-oriented, value-driven Services and Solutions in areas like Service Management, governance, Information Security, risk management, compliance, Certifications, Quality/process management and business processes.

At Wings2i, we aim at enabling business excellence and innovations in global organizations, through value and outcome-driven Solutions, Services, knowledge, expertise; acting as a preferred and trusted knowledge partner.

We are proud to be associated with a number of established global players as well as emerging organizations in their endeavours to achieve highest levels of excellence in Services, Business Processes, Information Security, Risk management, Compliance, Quality, Process automation solutions and so on.



"To be amongst the most trusted knowledge partners for global organizations"



"To enable global organizations to deliver excellence to their customers through specialized and customized knowledge services like training, implementation workshops and consulting. Our mission is to provide the wings of ideas and innovation to their quest for service excellence, with a special focus on information technology services."



     The Wings2i Brand

Our brand (Wings2i: pronounced Wings-to-i) evolved from our mission  "to provide Wings of ideas and innovations". Our aim is to establish Wings2i as the most trusted Knowledge Service brand with our name: Wings2i

Our logo represents the mission in a pictorial manner becoming a synonym for Trust, knowledge and excellence.

The Logo element – which doubles up as W in our logo just does that. The darker blue colored 'V' element represents us Wings2i. The lighter blue colored 'V' shaped element represents the organization (our client or partner) who is aiming at service excellence.  The red colored 'i' which also forms the right arm of the 'W', represents the 'ideas' and innovations. All the elements in the logo put together convey that the ideas and innovations are developed, groomed and established in the client organization, with a clear and committed enablement from us.