ISO Certifications

Achieving relevant organizational certifications has been a key part of organizational growth and maturity, globally. Organize choose and adopt from various International standards and certifications available from ISO (International Organization for Standards).

Benefits of Certification

A generic set of benefits of any ISO certification is given below:

  • Increased credibility and recognition
  • Better alignment with client requirements and expectations
  • Improved customer perception and satisfaction
  • Internal and external assurance on capabilities and systems
  • Competitive and market advantage
  • Improved quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improved monitoring and control
  • Benchmarking and continual improvement

Wings2i has been a preferred knowledge partner to global and regional organization on various ISO certifications described below.

Wings2i’s role:

Wings2i partner with our clients as the knowledge partner to provide the essential support and facilitation towards the certification:

  • Subject matter expertise and guidance
  • Baseline assessment and development of roadmap
  • End-to-end guidance, advisory services and facilitation

We partner with our customers in the end-to-end certification journey through the key phases as shown below:

Our strength:

Our consultants with cross-domain exposure and experience assist you in your quest for adoption of and certification against the chosen standard(s). With a combined expertise of Assessing, implementation and auditing, our consultants will ensure that the organization reaches the level to achieve the certification in the most effective and efficient manner, as well as establish a capability to sustain the improvements.

Our approach of having consultants for distinct capability requirements (such as consulting/implementation and internal audit) brings in a new dimension and control aspect to our client engagements. With all our consultants being cross-trained and experienced on multiple standards, the capability to integrate among standards is enhanced and a holistic approach to standards adoptions and certifications is easily achieved.

Our experience and working relationship with most of the recognized Registered certifying bodies (RCB) makes the whole certification process smooth, time-bound and cost –effective to our clients.

Our managed services for maintenance of standard, helps organizations rest assured that the management system implemented would be sustained for achieving the long term business objectives. (Refer to our managed Services page for further details)

The specific certification and compliance areas where Wings2i have proven expertise and knowledge leadership are: