Cloud Risk Assessment

Uncertainty presents both opportunity and risk with potential to increase or decrease the value of the organization and its strategies

As knowledge partners we help our clients to overcome one of the challenges in cloud computing i.e. to determine how an organization can measure, manage, and mitigate the risks in cloud computing.

We help our clients with the process of identifying and understanding exposure to risk and capability of managing it, aligned with the risk appetite and tolerance of the client. Hence, making the whole process of cloud risk assessment, a tool for decision making for the management coupled with continuous improvement.

Process for Cloud Risk Assessment.


In a cloud environment, we help management selects a risk response strategy for specific risks identified and analysed, which may include:

  • Risk Avoidance: exiting the activities giving rise to risk
  • Risk Reduction: taking action to reduce the likelihood or impact related to the risk
  • Risk Share or insure: transferring or sharing a portion of the risk to finance it
  • Risk Acceptance: no action is taken due to a cost/benefit decision