Risk management

Every business is faced with various kinds of risks that can negatively impact their business objectives. It is important for organizations to have an effective and efficient Risk management framework that identify, assess and manage various kinds of risk.
In addition to the strategic business and financial risks that form a core part of business governance, the organizations need to identify and manage a lot of tactical and operational risks in areas such as:

  • Information Security
  • Business continuity
  • Availability and performance
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Legal and regulatory obligations

Wings2i has helped many organizations to establish/fine tune a customized and repeatable risk management framework that suits their business context and requirements/objectives.
Our information Security consulting focuses on core aspects of risk management such as:

  • Knowledge and skills for risk assessment and management
  • Establishment of an effective Risk management famework
  • Asset identification
  • Risk assessment and prioritization
  • Risk treatment planning
  • Facilitation of effective risk treatment and management
  • Periodic risk assessment and treatment
  • Testing and validation
  • Re-assessments

Our outcome-focused consulting services bring in the effective transformation in organizations into a well-established approach towards risk management.
Wings2i consultants bring in immense expertise and experience in risk management to the table, that adds immense value and knowledge partnership to our client organizations.
We also have consulting services focused specific risk assessment in areas such as Information Security, Business continuity and Data Privacy.